About S'Cool LAB Days

Our flagship programme, S'Cool LAB Days at CERN, offers a unique opportunity for high school students (aged 16-19) and their teachers to contribute to CERN’s Physics Education Research. Highlights of this full-day itinerary include guided tours of CERN's research facilities, as well as several hands-on physics experiments in S'Cool LAB, CERN's particle physics learning laboratory and physics education research facility. To make the most of their time on-site, students prepare themselves for their visit by following mandatory courses on our dedicated online learning platform. Questionnaires before, during and after the visit allow CERN to gather empirical research data about teachers' and students' experience.

"The whole day was the best field trip that I ever arranged for students"

- Teacher from Germany, December 2015


Teachers interested in applying to bring their students on a S'Cool LAB Day at CERN are invited to read the information on each of the following pages:

Cloud Chamber

  • Before - How to apply for a S'Cool LAB Day at CERN, prepare your students and plan your trip.
  • During - Important details about the S'Cool LAB Day itself.
  • After - Your commitment to our research and suggestions what to do after a S'Cool LAB Day at CERN. 



Teachers having read all the information on the pages listed above will be invited to submit their online application form for a S'Cool LAB Day at CERN during a future round of applications.
NB Information about S’Cool LAB Days to take place in the academic year 2018/19 will be published in February 2018. S'Cool LAB Days taking place in the academic year 2017/18 are fully booked.

Questions about S'Cool LAB Days at CERN?

If you have read all the information about the S'Cool LAB Days on the pages listed above and you require further information about S'Cool LAB Days at CERN, please feel free to contact us.


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