After a S'Cool LAB day at CERN

Research commitment

A key part of physics education research in S'Cool LAB is evaluating the impact of the S'Cool LAB Day on students and their teachers. We therefore ask that all participants complete an after-visit questionnaire on our online learning platform within 2 weeks of their visit. 

Note: schools and teachers whose students do not complete the after-visit questionnaire will not be eligible to apply for future S'Cool LAB programmes


Extending your visit

Additional CERN tours

A S'Cool LAB Day at CERN is part of a physics education research programme, which must take place in controlled conditions in order to generate meaningful data. As such, the S'Cool LAB team goes to great length to ensure as consistent an experience as possible for participating groups. Therefore, we ask that successful applicants for S'Cool LAB Days at CERN refrain from attempting to make additional visit arrangements at CERN for the same trip (with the exception of CERN's permanent exhibitions, see below)


Other activities

Teachers bringing their students to Geneva/Switzerland for a S'Cool LAB Day at CERN may look for additional activities to extend their field trip. 

Below are some recommendations made by teachers having combined their S'Cool LAB Day with other activities in the past:

In Geneva:

In Switzerland:

Further afield:


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