S'Cool LAB news: Beamline for Schools competition - Deadline for proposals 31.03.2017

Beamline for Schools

We are pleased to inform you about the 4th edition of CERN's Beamline for School (BL4S) competition. BL4S is a great opportunity for high-school students and teachers to get involved with cutting edge science.

Do you wish to take part?

The competition is open to high-school students aged 16 and older, in teams of at at least five students. Think of a simple, creative experiment and pre-register your team to follow the latest updates about the competition and for the next steps. The deadline for submissions is 31 March 2017.

The two winning teams will have the opportunity to work with CERN scientists to refine their ideas before they come to CERN to run their proposed experiment in one of CERN's research facilities. Examples of experiments conducted in the past by former winners are:

  • Webcam testing and monitoring
  • Classroom-grown crystals in the beamline
  • Studying how particles decay and investigating high-energy gamma rays.  

Every participant will receive a written certificate. For shortlisted teams there are additional team prizes.

Find out more about the competition here. (For other languages then English, please have a look here)

BL4S website: cern.ch/bl4s
Prizes: http://beamline-for-schools.web.cern.ch/prizes

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