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Yes. CERN is an open laboratory and we encourage all visitors to take pictures. Several S'Cool LAB experiments are quite photogenic, and we encourage students to take pictures of their work and share them with others.

S'Cool LAB days at CERN last until 17:30. The programme is very full, so please do not plan to leave any earlier. 

Groups taking part in a S'Cool LAB day at CERN should arrive at CERN's main reception building by 8:45. It is particularly important to arrive on time, as any delay will cause disruption not only for the visit schedule of the group in question, but also for the many other groups visiting CERN that day.

S’Cool LAB is a 200m2 hands-on particle physics learning laboratory at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Geneva, Switzerland. It is equipped for groups of high school students to carry out hands-on physics experiments as part of their visits to CERN. 

No. Activities in S'Cool LAB take place Monday-Friday.

Demand for S'Cool LAB days at CERN is extremely high (as of spring 2016, we receive about 5 applications for every place we can offer). Therefore, we must turn down many applications. Although we cannot comment here on individual cases, many applications are unsuccessful because the motivation statement does not give the S'Cool LAB team any insight into why a particular group deserves a place. Successful applications tend to justify why the teacher wants to bring their group to CERN in particular, and especially what practical, hands-on experiments in S'Cool LAB will bring to their students, with references to curriculum links, career aspirations and so on. Strong applications also mention how the visit will impact the school in the long term, e.g. by having students give a rpesentation about their visit when they get back. We also appreciate creative applications! Quotes from students or even videos have all proven strong assets of successful past applications.

Yes, you can submit another application during a future application period (for a S'Cool LAB day taking place at a later date). Having submitted a previous application in no way prevents you from submitting another. Previous applications, successful or otherwise, are not taken into consideration by the S'Cool LAB team when deciding to whom to offer places.

During a S'Cool LAB day at CERN, a group of high school students and their teachers spend a full day at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Geneva, Switzerland. The programme includes an introductory talk, guided tours of CERN's research facilities, and a workshop of hands-on physics experiments. 

For the upcoming academic year 2016/17, S'Cool LAB days at CERN are offered on most Wednesdays and Fridays from September to June. Available dates are shown on the application form.

We welcome applications from high school teachers themselves. 

Applications made on behalf of a teacher by travel agents, consultants, or people inside CERN are not welcome and will not be considered.

CERN does not charge for visits. This includes S'Cool LAB days, which are therefore free for participants.

However, visitors are responsible for their own costs associated with travel, accommodation or subsistence (including, but not limited to flights, hotels, and lunch in the CERN cafeteria).

Although CERN visits themselves (including S'Cool LAB days) are free of charge, visitors are responsible for their own costs such as travel, accommodation and meals. CERN does not offer financial assistance towards these costs. 

No. We only accept bookings from one group at a time. 

The strict maximum number of participants taking part in a S'Cool LAB day at CERN is 36 (including teachers). We recommend that you bring one teacher or other accompanying adult for every 12 students. 

Out of respect for other prospective participants, as well as our volunteer tutors' investment of time, we ask for a minimum group size of 12. If you are not confident of being able to bring a group of at least 12 people, please do not apply. We understand that the exact size of your group may change between your application and arrival. However, given the sheer number of visits taking place at CERN every day, we ask that your final group size be as close as possible to the number you submit now.

S'Cool LAB days at CERN, particularly the hands-on workshop in S'Cool LAB, are designed for high school students aged 16 to 19. However, if a small number of students is not quite 16, we may be able to accommodate them. Please let us know your situation in the "additional information" box at the end of the application form.

School visits to CERN are generally in extremely high demand, and normally only last half a day. Therefore, we cannot offer schools anything more than the full S'Cool LAB day at CERN.

S'Cool LAB days at CERN do not include the possibility of staying in the CERN hostel. Please make your own arrangements after you have received confirmation of your applicaiton being accepted.

We make every reasonable effort to make S'Cool LAB days at CERN as accessible as possible, and will be more than happy to discuss any particular requirements your students may have. Please let us know about your specific situation when applying

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