Apply for a Cloud Chamber Workshop in S'Cool LAB

If you are a teacher with a confirmed visit to CERN, you can apply for a cloud chamber workshop in S'Cool LAB to be added to your visit itinerary using the form below. If you do not yet have a confirmed CERN visit, you can apply for one via the dedicated form on the CERN visits service website.


  • We only consider applications from teachers who already have a confirmed visit to CERN. Please do not apply below until you have received your confirmed visit ID number.

  • Submitting this application form for a cloud chamber workshop in S'Cool LAB does not guarantee you an offer of a workshop. This is an application form, not a "booking" or "reservation" form.

  • Please make sure you have read the important practical information about cloud chamber workshops in S'Cool LAB before submitting this application form. 

  • Applications (in English or French) are welcome year-round and are offered on a first-come, first-served basis to eligible groups.

  • Demand for cloud chamber workshops is extremely high and availability is limited. Available time slots for cloud chamber workshops are typically fully booked 2-3 months in advance.

  • If you are unsuccessful in applying for a cloud chamber workshop in S'Cool LAB, this will have no impact on your confirmed visit to CERN.


Please provide your Visit ID number, sent to you by email by the CERN visits service.
Please indicate the approximate number of people in your group (including all students and accompanying adults).
Please indicate the average age of your students at the time of your CERN visit and workshop. Students must be at least 14 years old before participating in this workshop. Note: in some countries, the age counting system is different than in others. For S'Cool LAB, a student is considered to be 14 years old when they have already completed 14 years of life. For example, for a cloud chamber workshop taking place on 2 June 2017, students must have been born on or before 2 June 2003.
Please indicate the age of your youngest student at the time of your CERN visit and workshop.
Please provide the date of your confirmed school visit to CERN.
On which date do you want your students to experience a cloud chamber workshop in S'cool LAB?
Please indicate your preferred time slot for the workshop, bearing in mind the timing of your confirmed CERN visit. Specifically, if your CERN visit is confirmed for the morning, you should apply for a cloud chamber workshop in the afternoon. Currently, cloud chamber workshops are only offered on working days. We do not offer any workshops on weekends or official CERN holidays
Some teachers plan to bring their students to Geneva for several days and can come to CERN on consecutive days for a visit and cloud chamber workshop, for example, while others have a more rigid itinerary.

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