Unanswered questions

So far, CERN has already made a considerable contribution to humankind's understanding of the universe. But there are still many fundamental questions to which no-one knows the answers. Here are just a couple of the questions, and some hints about how we -or maybe your students! - might answer them. 


The world around us is made of matter particles. But there are also anti-particles! In theory, all the particles and anti-particles which came into existence at the moment of the Big Bang should have annihilated each other completely! And yet, here we are, made of matter. It's a mystery! Scientists are studying antimatter to find out what makes it different from matter.

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Dark energy & dark matter: 

The Standard Model of particle physics, with its elegant mathematical descriptions of elementary particles and their interactions, only accounts for 5% of the universe! So what about the rest?

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