Electron Tube - The Basics of Particle Acceleration

Electron Tube

Description: Students operate an electron beam (300 eV) and study electrons in magnetic fields.

Before taking part in this experiment, students should already know about

  • the properties of electrons and energy levels of electrons in atoms
  • electric and magnetic fields, e.g. the shape of the magnetic field of a bar magnet and of a simple coil 
  • the deflection of electrically charged particles in magnetic fields due to the Lorentz force
  • how to calculate the speed of electrons when they are accelerated by an electric field (optional)

What students will learn:

  • how to make and control a beam of electrons 
  • how electrons behave in electric and magnetic fields


Link to CERN physics: In the LHC, protons gain kinetic energy when passing through high electric fields (RF cavities). To keep the protons on a circular track, 1232 special superconducting electromagnets are installed. The high magnetic field of the dipole magnets causes the deflection of these electrically charged particles due to the Lorentz force.


Availability: Can be included in the S'Cool LAB Days at CERN itinerary.

Minimum age: 16

Recommended age: 16-19

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