Frequently Asked Questions about the S'Cool LAB Summer CAMP

Please make sure to read all relevant information provided below. If you have a question about the summer camp which is not covered, please contact us.


I will be turning 16 during the summer camp, can I apply?

No. You must be at least 16 years old on the 1st day of the Summer CAMP. Due to security reasons, you are not eligible if you turn 16 during the summer camp or later.

I will be 16 years old when the camp starts but I won't be in my final 2 years of high-school yet, can I apply?

Candidates should be in the final two years of secondary school when applying.

I have already finished high school but I didn’t start my university studies yet. Can I apply?

No. Only students who are still attending high school or finishing high-school right before the camp are eligible. If you are already studying at university, you might be interested in CERN’s programmes for University students.

I am in the first year of my university studies. Can I apply?

No. If you have already started your university studies, you are not eligible for this programme. However, you might be interested in CERN’s programmes for university students.

I am a national of Turkey, which is an associate member state of CERN, but I live in Hongkong. Can I apply?

Yes, we invite students from all around the world to apply for the summer camp. Priority will be given to students who are nationals of CERN’s member states and associate member states.

I am a student from a country which is neither a member state nor an associate member state of CERN. Can I apply?

Yes, we invite students from all around the world to apply for the summer camp. However, priority will be given to students from CERN’s member states and associate member states.

Application and application form

How do I apply for the S’Cool LAB Summer CAMP 2018?

Applications for the S’Cool LAB Summer CAMP are only accepted via the respective application form on the S’Cool LAB website. The application process is split into several parts in which you are asked to supply personal & school details, answer programme specific questions, upload a 1 minute video clip, 2 reference letters and your latest grade report.

Please carefully read the instructions that are provided at each stage of the process and please note the respective word limits.

Do I need to register in order to apply for the S’Cool LAB Summer CAMP?

Yes, you need to create a CERN lightweight account in order to access the respective application form. The registration process is described in this dedicated document.

Can parents or teachers apply on behalf of their child or student?

No. All students are required to apply by themselves. Any applications made by the applicant’s relatives, teachers or acquaintances will not be considered.

We are two friends or a group of friends and we wish to apply together as a group. Can we do this?

No. We only accept applications from individuals for the S’Cool LAB Summer CAMP. However, CERN currently offers a competition for teams of high-school students: Beamline for Schools. You can also have a look at the Particles4U competition.

I want to correct my application form / add additional files. How can I proceed?

You can edit your application including all files until the application deadline. When you submit your application, an automatic email will be sent to you, which includes a link to your application data.

Did you receive my application?

Once you submit your application, you will receive an automatic confirmation email with your application data within 10 minutes. If you did not receive a confirmation email, something went wrong with your submission. Please try to submit your application again.

I have a question about my application and I can’t find the information on this website.

If you have questions about the S’Cool LAB Summer CAMP, which are not covered by the information provided on our website, please contact us through our contact form. Please make sure that you read all the information provided on our website before you contact us.

Which language should I use to fill in the fields in the application form?

Please fill in the form in English only. Applications submitted in other languages will not be considered. However, you don’t need to provide translations of your grade reports or certificates.

When is the application deadline?

5 February 2018 (23:59 CET)

I was not able to apply for the summer camp before the application deadline. Can you make an exception? Can I apply after the deadline?

No. Due to the high number of the applications and the selection process starting immediately after the deadline, we cannot accept applications after the application deadline.

Documents & Files

Grade report

I need to upload my latest grade report. What do you mean by “latest grade report”?

Please upload an official document from your school including a list of your grades in your school subjects. Typically, you will receive your grade report in the end of the school year. In some countries, students receive additional official grade reports during the school year. It will not be possible to update the grade report after the application deadline.

Do I need to translate my grade report?

No. You don’t need to provide translations of your grade reports or certificates.

Do I need to have very good grades to apply?

Your grades are only one factor in the selection process. However, the selection process will be extremely competitive.

I want to upload additional documents supporting my application. How can I proceed?

Please merge all additional documents together in one PDF and upload this file under “additional certificates”.


Reference letters

What should be the content of the Reference letter?

The reference letters should comment on the following:

- How do you know the applicant?

- How long have you known the applicant?

- Is there anything special or outstanding about the applicant that we should know?

- Does she or he especially impress you as being extraordinary?

- How strong is his or her interest in and motivation for physics and mathematics?

- Do you believe this applicant would enjoy the S'Cool LAB Summer CAMP experience at CERN (academically and socially)

The letter should include the full name of the referee and their contact information (email address and telephone number).

How many reference letters do I need?

Please prepare 2 reference letters: 1 letter from your physics or science teacher, and 1 additional reference letter from another teacher, mentor, coach, employer, science club administrator etc. It is not possible to submit more than 2 reference letters.

My teacher does not feel comfortable to write the reference letter in English or French. What can I do?

All reference letters need to be written in English or French. However, if your teacher cannot write in English or French, you can upload the original reference letter in a different language together with a translated version (please merge both versions to one PDF). You can translate the letter yourself or ask someone for help, we don’t need an official translation.

I applied for last year's summer camp. Can I use the same reference letters?

Yes. However, all reference letters should not be older than 18 months.

I have changed my school recently and my new teachers don’t know me very well. What can I do?

The referees should have known you for approx. 1 year. You can of course contact teachers from your old school in this case. If you can justify that the referees know you very well although they have only known you for a few months, we will exceptionally accept these reference letters as well.

The privacy policy of my school does not allow teachers to give reference letter directly to the students. What should I do?

If your teacher can’t give you the reference letter directly, please tell them to send the letter directly to us via email. To assign the letter to your application, the subject of the email should be “Reference letter for “Applicant name”.

In addition, you need to upload a PDF in the application form instead of the reference letter stating “The Reference letter will be sent by my teacher “Teacher’s name” directly via email."



What should I say in the 1-minute video?

Please present yourself briefly and tell us about a person (relative, teacher, scientist, ...) who inspired you in the field of Science, Technology, or Engineering.

Can I upload a longer video?

Your video should not be much longer than 1 minute. We will not consider videos, which are longer than 1.5 minutes.

I can’t upload my video. What is the problem?

Please make sure the size of your video does not exceed 50 MB and that you are uploading the required video format. Depending on your internet connection, the file upload might take a while.

The file size of my video is too big, what can I do?

Please reduce the file size by reducing the frame rate and/or resolution. You can find online tutorial for example here: Reduce Video File Size

Can I speak my mother tongue in the video?

No. We will only consider videos in English.

Cost & Fees

If I am selected, do I need to pay for the summer camp?

We want the summer camp to be accessible to students from all backgrounds. Therefore, the camp is free of charge for the selected candidates. CERN will cover all costs for accommodation, meals, transport & social events during the official programme (24 July evening – 4 August morning).

However, you might need some pocket money to buy souvenirs and other personal items, or to pay for any meals outside of CERN e.g. at the airport. In addition, you will need to provide your own health insurance for your trip to Switzerland.

If my parents pay for all the costs, can I join the summer camp even if I am not selected?

No. Only selected students can take part in this summer camp.


What are my chances to be selected?

We are looking for the best candidate from every country, therefore, the selection process will be extremely competitive. Last year, we received more than 2000 applications for only 24 places.

When will I be informed about the selection results?

We will inform all applicants about the results of their application on 1 March 2018.

I applied for the summer camp in 2017, but I wasn’t selected. Can I apply again?

Yes. If you still meet the eligibility criteria, you can apply. Please note that the selection committee will only consider your new application. We will not consider any information uploaded in last year's application process.

Can you send me feedback about my application to improve my next application?

No. Unfortunately, we cannot provide individual feedback due to the extremely high number of applications (we expect more than 2000).

Do my chances of being selected increase if mine is the first application?

No. We will consider all applications that reach us by the applcation deadline. The submission date is no selection criterion.

How many students will be selected for this summer camp?

We will select 30 students for the summer camp 2018. 

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